Time is such a precious thing. We only get the time we are given – we can’t buy more. And there never seems to be enough of it.

One of my friends recently told me that she now decides what she is going to do in her life based on how much time it takes and if it’s worthy of that amount of time. I thought about her comment a lot after she said it. And once I thought about it, it really made sense.

I have a unique perspective on time. Having lost both of my parents suddenly in a car accident when I was 22 years old, I was jolted into having to face the fact that time is fleeting at a young age. At 22, I thought I had so many more years to spend with my parents. I believed they’d watch me graduate from grad school and that my father would walk me down the aisle at my wedding. I envisioned them being at the hospital with me when I had my children and that they’d be by my side as I raised their grandkids. Although my time on Earth with my parents felt like it was cut short, I can truly say that I am grateful for the time that I did have with them.

My parents’ sudden death has made me enjoy every moment of every day that I am given. Like my friend, I realize that we must spend the precious time that we are granted wisely. That being said, if we are going to go to work and take time away from our families and those who we love the most, our jobs must be worthy of that time.

Many people go to work to make money to provide for their families. That’s it – it’s just that simple. They don’t find much satisfaction in their job, and they certainly don’t feel a deeper purpose for what they’re doing from 9 to 5. They are going to “work” to get paid money so that they can eat and survive.

Our goal at Todem is for our clients – owners as well as their employees – to find their job worthy of the time they give it. We want everyone to not only go to work out of necessity but to WANT to go to work each day. We believe that it is critical that employees have an awareness of how their personal values and their company’s values overlap.

If people find a deeper purpose through their career, it will be worthy of their time to go to their job. And if their job is worthy of their time, they will be happier and do better work. It doesn’t matter if you’re scrubbing floors or sitting in the big corner office on the top floor, it will be worth it to spend time away from those you love and doing the things you love if you feel that your career has a greater purpose in this world.

Our purpose at Todem is to enrich the human experience by bringing more meaning into the lives of others. My own personal mantra is to spread joy in the world. I believe that by bringing more meaning to the lives of others through my work, I am ultimately able to fulfill my personal mission of spreading joy.

I enthusiastically give my job some of my precious time because it isn’t work at all – it’s my opportunity to make a difference in the world. By impacting one client, one employee, one person at a time, I hope to not only enact my company’s purpose but also live out my own mantra and make the world a better place through the work I do each day.

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