Pipe Dream

The idea that we should all be out to change the world is ludicrous.

I mean think about it. Talk about setting yourself up for failure. “Live your life with passion and fight for what is right!! Save all the starving children in the world and accomplish world peace!!”


That is insanity and will never under any circumstance ever happen. As long as humans exist so will both good and evil, rich and poor, fortune and misfortune. I know. Sounds harsh but it is reality. Total world peace is a pipe dream. We can only hope for world “civility,” which does actually require participation from all of the good guys around the world – including you.

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t dream big or have high aspirations for the world. Please do!! We need big dreamers! But for rest of us (who are still feeling guilty about not putting that last Kraft mac n’ cheese box in the recycle), I think what each of us is called to do as beings of this planet is far more straightforward and entirely doable in any life circumstance.

Live in His image. (Or whoever or whatever higher power, spiritual leader etc. gives you guidance while you flounder around this world. Mine just happens to be Christianity, God and Jesus. Ultimately, I think all sources of religion/spirituality, at their core, point to the same thing. But that’s another post altogether…)

Ok. So what does that mean.

It means to be kind, love one another, love yourself, respect others, do good, be a good example, be a good person, lend a helping hand, share, work hard, encourage others, be honest, and show compassion. All the things you were taught as a child. Imagine if we all did these things on a regular basis how dramatically the world would change.

So the pressure is off. You don’t have to stop world hunger to have done your part. You can simply live by sharing your light which is contagious. The brighter you shine, the brighter others will shine around you. Give it a try. You have nothing to lose… except for maybe world peace… ;).

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