The Gift That Keeps On Giving

I’ve always been drawn to gift-giving. During the holidays, I’m the person who enjoys giving the perfect gift more than receiving one. I think it links back to my dad, and while he may not have been perfect (as no one is), he was the most thoughtful gift-giver. My mom always had the most presents under the tree in our house. And to have been loved unconditionally by a parent whose love language was gift-giving, I naturally became an avid gift-giver myself.

Once I entered the world of branding, it made perfect sense for a business to use thoughtful gift-giving to show their appreciation, just as I had practiced throughout my life. But I’ve also discovered the powerful impact an intentional gift can have beyond the moment it’s given. A thoughtful gift can become one that keeps giving back to the business that bestowed it. In the book Giftology, John Ruhlin explains, “When you give someone something that he or she will love daily, that’s 365 positive impressions per year for the price of one gift.”

Having a company’s logo or brand affiliated with a gift provides the receiver little reminders of your company every time they use it or see it on their desk. Not only does the company or person who obtains the gift receive the reminder, but the branded gift also sends a positive subliminal message to others. Ruhlin further clarifies, “… give them cool things that they’re going to use around their friends, family, and circles of influence, and you’ll have a recipe for inspiring opportunities where your name, products, and services are brought up naturally.”

There are numerous types of gifts, big or small, you can share—holiday, employee, first impression gifts, and tradeshow hand-outs, to name a few. When deciding what to give, consider presenting something that ties back to some aspect of your brand or values. By choosing an intentional gift representing your company, you are capitalizing on the opportunity to remind your clients and employees who you are and what is important to you.

At Todem, we have supported our clients and their gift-giving endeavors in various ways. When Mavin Construction launched its new brand internally, we helped them choose gifts for their employees that reinforced the new values shared that day. As a holiday gift to clients and colleagues that same year, we helped them design a cookbook filled with favorite recipes from Mavin’s employees—a now well-treasured gift representing Mavin’s family-like atmosphere and appreciation for the person behind each individual.

While some clients can get away with the yearly Christmas gift, others require more. For clients whose marketing relies upon different types of gift-giving throughout the year, we recommend (and have created) an annual gift guide. Take Indigo Pediatric Dentistry, for example. Any business whose client base will eventually age out must continually put forth new business efforts. With our guidance, Indigo had a plan, an arsenal of gifts supporting their values, and the assistance to make the ongoing gift-giving task manageable, more enjoyable, and as effective as possible.

However, an annual gift guide is not entirely necessary for most clients, and a preselected list of intentional gifts at various price points will do. When Kester Search Group or Air Compressor Services has an opportunity to send a gift, they can now choose from a list of thoughtful and intentional options. If they’d like help buying and/or assembling the gifts, we are always here to help.

At Todem, we practice what we preach and are always thoughtful in our gift-giving. Last year, our holiday box embodied our company’s purpose of “enriching the human experience by bringing more meaning to the lives of others.” We invited clients to fuel their growth and happiness with a fully custom gift box to help them relax during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. It included a mug engraved with our value of “when in doubt, look to the inside,” a branded coaster set, a favorite whimsical read, and our very own holiday tea recipe. And, of course, it was thoughtfully packaged, complete with custom illustrated labels & tissue paper design.

When you see an opportunity to give a gift—take it! Thoughtful, intentional gifts have a lasting impact and, when done correctly, are one of the most impressionable, cost-effective marketing tools you can put to work for you.

Want to up your gift-giving game? Todem’s consultants are here for you and ready to help you maximize the positive impact of a well-chosen gift!

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