Practice What You Preach

Something so many companies fail to do is practice what they preach. They say they have values and a mission and this and that… but do they really mean it? Do they actually prove it? It’s so easy to get caught up in to-do lists, meetings, and deadlines that we throw these vitally important intangibles on the back burner.

I did this with my daughter not too long ago and I think the lesson I learned can be applied to businesses as well. I posted this the week after my dog passed away from cancer. I had gotten her in college before I met my husband, before marriage and way before kids. She was my girl. But in the midst of my grief, I put the words I preach on the back burner.

Have to share a lesson I learned tonight…

On Monday, before we said goodbye to Lucy, I told Syms to give Lucy a hug before she left for her grandmother’s house. She has been aware that Lucy was sick and knew that she would be going to heaven soon. When I asked her to give Lucy a hug she asked me if she was going to heaven today and I said yes. Her response broke my heart. She cheered and said “Yay! Lucy is going to heaven!!” My husband and I both asked her why she would say such a thing. All week it has crushed me that she has not even seemed to notice Lucy is gone. Until tonight.

At dinner, Syms insisted on saying the blessing. After saying thank you for the world and several other things she said: “and I’m happy that Lucy is in heaven with Jesus, Mary, and the King.” I realized then that maybe I had misinterpreted her excitement.

After reading her Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons (in her tent.. on her bed… ), I asked her about Lucy in heaven. She again responded with enthusiasm and talked about how she was with Jesus and wondered where she would go to eat. I then realized Syms was not sad, but very excited for Lucy because we had taught her how wonderful heaven is and how great it would be to be with God and Jesus. So why wouldn’t you be happy and excited for LuLu?!?

So, while I have been sad all week Syms has been happy. Maybe I should take to heart what I teach. Heaven is an amazing place and we should celebrate those going home. This applies to pets and loved ones alike. Thank you, Syms, for reminding me that heaven is a good thing and that all that is, eventually becomes a part of all that has been, and all that will be.

So next time you are rushing around the office like a crazy person, stop and ask yourself this, “Am I practicing what I preach?” More than likely the answer is no. So slow down, take a deep breath and remind yourself of who you are, your values and what you believe in. Then prove it to yourself, your staff, and your clients or customers. Prove it by practicing what you preach.


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